The Artist

Diki Medow was an artist and woodsculptor on the island Formentera (near Ibiza) in Spain. He did woodcarving in his own very special way. Taking his time to go into details while keeping to the given structure of the wood. Diki has a family and a son living in Germany. The Mediterranean and the Balearic-Islands where his favorite place and that is why he choose to live here. Diki has been in India travelling as a monk without any papers and passport. Diki was one of the last real “dropout” Hippies of the sixties.

Diki Medow (* 03.04.1940, Chicago – † 06.05.2018, Beauregard-et-Bassac)


The Mother

Crawling Bowl

Emerging Family

Protective Ancestor

Mama Africa



Mind Orgy

Fragile Emergence

Oval Office

Divine Body

The Thought

Platonic Love

Overwhelming Devotion

Creative Tangent

The Father

Crowning Moments

Head Wave

Spirit Collector

Root Entanglement

Mother and Child

Forgiving Twist

Life Channel

Open Minded


Elephant in the room

Primal Belief

Acting Out

Ying Yang Yoga

Layered Embrace


Butter Swan

Soul Channels

Art Dealership

This page and the art dealership is done by Diki’s family. We know that his art ment a lot to many people and we are willing and glad if it brings some joy to the world, your space and life.

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